Why choose Frank Dowling Real Estate?

Looking to sell? Why choose Frank Dowling Real Estate to sell your home?

It’s simple. We appreciate how hard you have worked to own your home and how important the decision is to sell. We also understand that your home is not merely a roof over your head, but a valuable asset in both financial terms as well as its intrinsic personal and emotional attachment.

Whether it is the family home or an investment residence, your property is an important asset and the sale of such an asset constitutes an integral part of your future plans. So the last thing you need is an agent that views you and your property as just another number on the list. The benefits of a utilizing the personalized services of a quality estate agent are vital for your peace of mind and financial security.

Frank Dowling Real Estate’s experienced sales department is led by company director and two-time Rate My Agent award winner for Essendon, Christian Lonzi. Together we offer a comprehensive and professional service whereby we treat your home as if it’s our home.

When you entrust your home to Frank Dowling Real Estate, you will receive the finest and most comprehensive service in tailoring a campaign best suited to you and your home including marketing of your property, conducting open-for-inspections, qualification of potential buyers and access to our experienced auctioneers.

Frank Dowling Real Estate’s first priority is to look after you, and with our knowledge and commitment to a successful sale, you can rest assured your valuable asset in the safest of hands.

In choosing to partner with Frank Dowling Real Estate, our strategy for your success is based on a number of fundamental values:


For each property, we create a personalized, individual plan combining our expertise with your unique requirements ensuring that you are getting what you want and need from us at all times.

We act with intention to achieve the best outcome for all parties, truthfully and honestly. As your genuine property partner we are working towards a common goal in a relationship built on trust.

Our team is encouraged to push boundaries and be the best. Every property under our care is a personal testimony to our focus on achieving outstanding results in innovative ways.

We are always available to talk and believe the more understanding we have of you and your prospects’ needs, the better the outcome for all.

Everything we have learnt, and all we know about property is available to you ensuring you have the expert advice you need to make the right decisions every step of the way.

Our proven track record indicates the constant training we undertake in all facets of the negotiation strategy, so we are razor sharp and achieve the best results for our clients every time.

Our improvements advice ensures your home is impeccably presented, making a significant difference to the perceived value and vastly improving the final sales result.

Our planned strategy for your property harnesses the benefits of the internet to reach potential buyers and renters and keep you up-to-date at all stages of the process.

The Frank Dowling Real Estate brand gives your property a powerful edge founded on your unique marketing plan coupled with professional photography and copy overseen by our marketing manager

Part of a powerful team, the staff at Frank Dowling Real Estate are chosen for their drive to succeed. Loyal and committed, we work together to bring you ultimate value from a group united in achieving top results.


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